30th March



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The 2017 ABCECG Annual Convention – a deal-clinching networking platform!

The 2017 ABCECG Annual Convention, which will include construction engineers, contractors and other prominent professionals with vested interest in construction and allied sectors, has two main benefits to participants.

Firstly, there is a huge possibility for business deals and the possibility of lucrative collaboration in future. For instance, during last year’s event, the facilitator encouraged the delegates to consider utilising the products that were on display, resulting in some big money orders being placed. Secondly, there were some establishments that negotiated partnership arrangements whereby members of the association would.

The draw card of the 2017 event is the ABCECG Five Year Strategic Plan by the Minister of Works and Housing, which is a milestone in the development of Ghana’s construction sector. Doubtless, this will result in more participants, which will translate in more potential clientele for your organisation. Ultimately, this would increase your chances of securing long-lasting business contacts and unearthing leads of hidden business opportunities.

Through an early booking you can make the most of the opportunity to promote your organisation on the pre-event marketing material, gaining maximum exposure. You also have the invaluable opportunity to meet the President of the ABCECG, Mr. Martins Kwasi Nnuro, and discuss your participation, and the possibility of further collaboration beyond the event.

Let us know in advance how best you prefer to participate. Further to that, if you need any additional information regarding the event, do not hesitate to contact the President of the ABCECG, Mr. Martins Kwasi Nnuro on (00233)208161427

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